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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Former Manager Sues PA Turnpike Commission for Political Firing

A former manager for the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission is suing the agency for wrongful firing, claiming he was let go because of his lack of political connectaions, the Post-Gazette reports.

Donald Kovac claims he was fired for refusing to reinstate a toll collector who assaulted a motorist (and was captured doing so on video).  With pressure from the Teamsters, then chairman Mitchell Rubin - since forced to resign due to an ongoing FBI investigation and his wife's conviction - gave the order to fire Kovac.

It gets better.  How do think Kovac was told he was being fired?

On Nov. 20, Mr. Kovac said, he was driving a turnpike-owned car that had been assigned to him when he was pulled over by a state trooper and told he had been fired.
Given the depth of corruption of political patronage at the Turnpike Commission,  I didn't think much would surprise me - but getting pulled over by police to get a pink slip rather than a speeding ticket is bizarre.


Anonymous said...

Remember to keep a clear state of mind here. People who loose their jobs tend to be quite angry, looking for revenge. You are quick to jump the gun here. Where is your evidence, that is to say do you have a reliable source. The likely answer is no. This foundation tends to conclude prior to gathering the data on every issue it covers. This, not matter how strange, is an example.

Nathan Benefield said...

Yes, all of these charges are allegations by Mr. Kovac - as I noted - and they could be entirely fabricated. The only thing I expressed as fact was that being fired by a state trooper (if true) was bizarre.

Oh, and that the Turnpike Commission is a corrupt, patronage ridden agency.

Anonymous said...

Don't shed any tears for Kovac, who is a Pittsburgh based hack and retread hired a second time by the ptc who mistakenly thought he could ignore the political imperatives of the Philadephia based FUMO/Brady world. That imperative is to ensure that the turnpike continues to serve as as reliable source of employment for the sons, daughters, friends and other miscreants related to ward leaders and other public officials.

Anonymous said...

Seems like Kovac was trying to do the right thing. Then he gets fired and the idiot who posted the last comment calls him a hack. Hope Kovac wins crushes these clowns in court. And I hope the guy who posted the last comment gets run over by a bus.

Anonymous said...

the same bus that runs you over..........