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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Philadelphia Tries to Stop Tea Party

UPDATE: Victory

'Thanks for everyone's help in putting pressure on the city of Philadelphia! The problem has been resolved. They tea party is only required to pay for insurance and are allowed to use a generator!

Please call off the dogs!

You all are the best This couldn't have been done without you! Myself, Diana & the Philadelphia Tea Party appreciate all of your help! Great job!

The City of Philadelphia is trying to put the brakes on the upcoming Philadelphia Tax Day Tea Party.

Diana Reimer, the organizer for Philadelphia, was notified (one week before the event) that this event is no longer a "demonstration," but a "special event" and will be required to pay $8000, even though the city has already provided a permit for demonstration in Love Park.

The folks at TaxDayTeaParty.com want folks to call the Office of Managing Director (215-686-3488) or the Special Events Office (215-685-0060) to voice their concerns (Update: Several Commenters have noted this numbers don't get you to any relevant, but there is an email posted below).

I'm with Alex Charyna on this one - it's time for some civil disobedience. Folks should just show up, and see if the city will arrest thousands of Tea Party protesters for practicing their First Amendment right to peaceably assemble. Better yet, why not just print some money to pay the bill, just like the federal government is going to do (of course, that is part of what folks are protesting).

For our listing of Tea Parties in Pennsylvania, go to PATeaParties.com.


S Cady said...

I'll kick in a bit for bail if they arrest any Tea Party brothers or sisters.

karlub@yahoo.com said...

Was told they can avoid this charge with a generator. Allegedly the money is if you need the City to have some union labor run some power lines. So with a generator, no charge.

At least that's what they told me. Anyone have a spare diesel generator? Or a bunch of bullhorns?

Smite A. Hippie said...

such irony... an $8000 tax for the Tax Day Tea Party. unbelievable..

ColinHanna said...

I tried both numbers -- and apparently neither one is correct. The first number said taht we had to call "downtown" to 215-683-0200. That number leads to someone who has no idea whatsoever what is going on. "Most people are gone for the holiday." The holiday in question is Easter, which I guess extends to Maundy Thursday. Obviously a very devout bunch of public servants.

The Managing Directors Office number takes you to the former Special Events Director who has retired. A recording refers you to a new number and a new person, Giselle Jones, at 215-686-3496. When you ring that number, you are told that the mailbox is full. No further assitance or alternate numbers offered.

Colin Hanna

Steve McDonald said...

I got the same result. Here is an email address camille.barnett@phila.gov