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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Your $28 Million Dollar Pork Dinner…No, Really!

With growing criticism of the effectiveness of President Obama $787 billion dollar economic stimulus plan mounting, several recent purchases by the Department of Agriculture have American taxpayers in a furor.

According to Recovery.gov, the DOA spent over $28 million dollars on 760,000 pounds of ham, 837,936 pounds of mozzarella cheese and 4,039,200 pounds of processed cheese plus other food items, including, ironically, “canned pork”. With these purchases posted on conservative blog The Drudge Report early this morning, the Department of Agriculture rushed a press release in an attempt to justify their actions by claiming the food “would provide a modest economic benefit of benefiting Americans working at food retailers, manufacturers and transportation companies as well as the farmers and ranchers who produce our food supply.”

If you are skeptical of just how much of a “modest benefit” this feast is really providing our economy, you are not alone…

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