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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Obama Reverses On Stimulus Promises

The GOP has a pretty hard hitting video on Obama's stimulus promises.  First it shows Obama's promises that the stimulus would have an "immediate impact" on creating jobs.  Then it features Obama's recent defense, given the failure of the stimulus to have a positive impact to date, that the stimulus couldn't possibly be expected to work in months (Hat Tip to Tony Phyrillas).

If only someone had warned Obama and lawmakers that the stimulus would not create jobs.

1 comment:

Warren Hudak said...

Senator Specter just paid a visit to one of our local transit authorities to deliver $10,000,000 to make it greener. That is if the $2.5 million was approved for the solar panels.

This happened on July 1 2009. On the way back to the office I couldn't help to wonder if I had traveled over one of PA's 60,000 structurally deficient bridges? Wasn't there one shovel ready bridge project that deserved this money ahead of the solar panels.

Since this facility was just getting it's stimulus check there were no workers, no materials purchased nothing being put back into the economy. I was a first hand witness to the non-work.

Did I mention PA is considered ahead of the rest of the country in handing stimulus money out. Oh by the way this was the 5th shovel ready project in PA to be approved.

We have 20,000 workers in PA that will no longer be able to collect unemployment benefits unless we change our laws to spend more money to qualify for another 7 weeks of federally funded unemployment.

Interesting strategy?!?!