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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Updated Pennsylvania Revenue Shortfall Projections

Following an Open Records request, the PA Office of the Budget provided us the their latest projections for General Fund revenue collections. The number for media, lawmakers, and policy nerds to watch for - based on the latest projection of a $2.3 billion shortfall for the year - is a $341 million shortfall for March.

This being the last day of March, the Department of Revenue will have the the latest monthly tax collection information tomorrow. March is the largest month for tax collections each year, and the revenue report will be a huge indicator of how large Pennsylvania's budget shortfall really is.


Anonymous said...

Hey, maybe the state can pay its bills with Fast Eddy Bucks!
They can be redeemable for EZPASS, Income tax rebates (state and local only) and government union employees salaries (again state and local only).

We can have an optional scratch and win version sold at 20 cents on the potential dollar shilled by Gus the bloated bureaucritter!
Legal disclaimer (all proceeds go to help aging fast eddy cronies legal defense funds for Bonus gate, the Fumo retirement fund and the next brewing scandal).

rb said...

Won't Eddie's speeding fines balance the budget? Dude...where's MY bailout?