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Thursday, January 29, 2009

PA Business Groups Offer Budget Ideas

A coalition of business association and groups unveiled their recommendations for reforming Pennsylvania's budget process and improving the business climate:

  • Oppose increasing taxes on the job creators, including the Personal Income Tax rate and the Sales and Use Tax.
  • Cut spending:
    • Evaluate and consolidate cabinet departments
    • Evaluate and consolidate other executive agencies and boards
    • Evaluate and consolidate or eliminate Legislative commissions and service agencies
    • Consolidate the multiple dozens of workforce development/job training programs
    • Eliminate the Opportunity Grant program
    • The PRIME Initiative report should be used as a roadmap for additional taxpayer savings.
  • Empower a “Grace Commission” to address costs.
  • Limit General Fund spending growth.
  • Limit irresponsible debt.
  • Adopt zero-based budgeting.
  • Reinstate “sunset” review and termination.
  • Conduct performance audits. 
The Bulletin has a news story on the Press Conference .

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