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Thursday, May 22, 2008

How Bad is the Farm Bill

In light of today's front page commentary on the federal Farm Bill Fiasco, here are some more links describing how awful this legislation is.

  • Citizen's Against Government Waste discusses the earmarks included in the bill, and offers a full list of official earmarks.
  • Cato-at-Liberty notes some last minute earmarks added to the bill.
  • Club for Growth on the potential cost of the bill (exceeding $300 billion over five years)
  • Coyote Blog focuses on a program that will offer federally funded tax-credit bonds - for exactly one company, the Plum Creek Timber Company, the single largest private landowner in the United States
  • FreedomWorks provides a map of where agriculture subsidies go - in lower Manhattan.
  • NTU on the use of the farm bill in the Presidential Campaign
  • And an IBD Editorial focuses on how the farm bill will not reduce food prices, and how most of the agricultural subsidies go to millionaires.

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