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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Fixing Health Care in the States

The Wall Street Journal has two articles about health insurance reform in other states. First, from Florida, where the state has enacted a law that will allow low-cost, mandate free insurance plans. In New Jersey, the focus is on a proposal to allow individuals to purchase insurance from other states (as New Jersey has some the highest costing plans in the nation).

The comparison for New Jersey is Pennsylvania, though as I have pointed out before, Pennsylvanians could benefit from a similar reform, to buy insurance from, for instance, Ohio sellers.

1 comment:

Stan Alekna said...

The Florida plan has a far better chance of passage because it keeps the inept PA department of insurance "in charge". The Florida plan would result in about the same basic premium cost and essentially has the same effect as the elimination of the 30+ mandates in PA which we have been preaching about for years. Either one is fine but neither does anything to address health care costs which is the core problem. Several known definitive actions could reduce health care costs by as much as 50% but our state government does not have the guts or character to step up to the special interests that are as bad or worse than the oil companies.