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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Philadelphia Parking Authority to face scrutiny

One the most wasteful, patronage-ridden, and shady government entities - the Philadelphia Parking Authority - will face investigation into its practices, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports.

Like many other agencies under state control (the state having taken over the Parking Authority in 2001) which provide private goods and act like a business - at least one granted monopoly rights and whose customers are political insiders - (see PHEAA, the Turnpike Commission, and the state liquor stores) the Parking Authority should be privatized.

In fact, there are 41 "special district government" parking authorities in Pennsylvania. The other 49 states have only 5.


Anonymous said...

To call the PPA shady is gross understatement! PPA seems to be a repository for incompetent, rude, GOP members who could not obtain legitimate employment.

Anonymous said...

I am presently trying to resolve a parking ticket for a meter violation for a ticket I never received nor deserved. My vehicle was no where near Philadelphia on the date of the ticket. I have appealed the ticket, and instead of the promised letter of adjudication, I continue to receive delinquent notices and the price of the ticket keeps going up. I have just received a notice that my vehicle will be booted. I have several confirmation numbers for the calls I have made to the PPA trying to resolve this matter. Each time I am told that the ticket "will be put on hold". However, the PPA keeps dunning me. I think I will just pay the ticket, which is what the PPA wants. I know the City of Philadelphia is strapped for cash, but this type of extortion should be illegal.

Anonymous said...

"incompetent, rude, GOP members"??? Yeah, like half of Brady's DEMOCRATIC 34th ward don't have their a$$e$ planted down there too. Oh, wait a minute, I know who we can blame. BUSH! Yeah that no good BUSH did this too! Get a life!

taneeshab1 said...

I am looking for help to fight the PPA. They took my car based on tickets my deceased dad had dating back to 1990. I was born in 1980 and I am a junior. The PPA did not want to look at any documents showing the difference between the two men.