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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Rendell: Conservatives don't like Black people

Gov. Rendell said today that conservatives (or at least a small, but meaningful percentage) "are probably not ready to vote for an African-American candidate." He attributes his margin of victory over Lynn Swann due to racist conservatives, though he thinks he still would have beaten a white Lynn Swann by 17%, and suggest racist white conservatives won't vote for Barack Obama because he is black (not because he is the most liberal US Senator).

Wait, didn't Rendell endorse Hillary Clinton over Obama? Hmmm......

1 comment:

elsylee said...

The media is partially to blame with what is going on within the Democratic party. I’m disappointed at the overwhelmingly biased approach most news organizations have taken in regards to the current democratic Presidential race. It is obvious they are pushing Obama no matter what. Isn't the media supposed to be somewhat objective? Aren’t we (the public) supposed to make up our minds by ourselves as to who is the best candidate? Why aren’t they reporting information such like:
They throw trash at every other candidate while painting Obama as a saint. Well saints shouldn’t be in politics. All I’m asking is for unbiased news….not partisan opinions.

BTW check out “Beating a Dead Donkey” on http://www.savagepolitics.com