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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Cyberschools and AYP

Lancaster Intelligencer Journal on cyber schools academic performance and area schools.

The article cites our Edifice Complex report- particularly fact about cyber students coming disproportionately from underperforming school districts and from low-income families.

One important fact the article fails to mention is that when a cyber school is failing, or when a child isn't learning in a cyber school, parents have the option to withdraw and enroll in any of the other 10 cyber schools in the state, or back in the district school. When a district-run school fails AYP, parents aren't granted such an option (they may have some charters schools in their district, or paying private tuition-charging schools, but public cyber schools are the only schools available and affordable to all residents of the state).

Thus, based on growing enrollment trends, more and more parents consider cyber schools the best option for their kids.

1 comment:

Citizen Driven said...

The state is encouraging cyber school? Perhaps this type of education is on the rise for colleges, and even if it saves the taxpayers money for K-12 education, at some point it is not about the money. Is cyber school going to deliver results that the public schools do? Over here in Allegheny County, cyber school is the last option for a troubled student. Perhaps that is the problem: it is the last option and not one of the first options.