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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Has Wal-Mart buried 'Mom & Pop' stores?

Many political and court decisions have been made based on the argument that traditional small businesses must be saved from Wal-Mart's ever-increasing presence around the country. This movement has successfully stopped many Wal-Mart stores from opening all across the United States.

Is Wal-Mart causing a crisis among small businesses in the United States?
Dr. Russ Sobel, Professor of Economics at West Virginia University, says no. He and three other guests will be joining Matt Brouillette on this week's The BOX Program, to air on WHP580 at 8 am on Saturday.

Wal-Mart: Sinner or Saint? Harmful or Helpful? Listen this Saturday at 8 am .

The show will also be available for streaming or downloading immediately after it airs at www.theboxprogram.com

1 comment:

Kathy Roat said...

Matt, I would like to know what is so special about Wal-Mart?
When I was a "yut" here in Central PA, I remember when J C Penney was an uptown store. Then came the malls. Although I was young, I don't remember hearing all of the legal rhetoric---let's sue the Mall owners, etc. I don't remember picket signs or call-ins or legal action against the mall. What happened then was simply an economic and cultural change; the same thing happened when our ancestors went from nomadic hunting and gathering to a settled agricultural society. Any one walking around then with a scribbled rock---"Unfair to Nomadic Unions?"
Want to make Wal-Mart go away in your area? It's pretty simple. Don't shop there. That's it. If you don't shop there, they will be forced to close. Enough said.