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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Philly-to-Harrisburg on high-speed rail

From PennLive.com NewsFlash:

Harrisburg to Philly on high speed trains? Cool.
Trains at 110 miles per hour? Neat.
Only an hour and a half from HAR to PHL? Ok.
It currently only takes 1 hr, 45 minutes to Philly? Hmm.
Taxpayers paid $145 million to save 15 minutes? Not cool.

I personally think that making the 5 hour 25 minute ride from Harrisburg to Pittsburgh quicker should have been a bigger priority than the 1 hr 15 minute ride to Philadelphia, but then again I also think Amtrak should be privatized and state taxpayers should never have paid for this project. Call me crazy.

1 comment:

AlexC said...

The trouble with the HBG to PIT run is that the Pennsylvania Railroad never got around to upgrading it to higher standards like they did their NYC-WASH-HBG core.

It would have been a much bigger job... lots of curves..... big hills.

But you're right. $10 million / minute is faaaaaar too much money.