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Thursday, July 20, 2006

More money spent on gambling; still none received

Brad Bumsted of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review with more about the tranfer of funds to run the Gaming Control Board. Apparently, Gov. Rendell and budget Sec. Michael Masch plan to transfer another $10.4 million to the gaming board, since it has spent all its money.

#1) Why does the gaming board have a $25.1 million budget when there is no gaming to regulate? (check out the Gaming Control Board duties and officer pay.)

#2) Why does the Governor's office claim they can transfer funds without legislative approval? According to Rendell's campaign, from Capitolwire (subscription):

"The [state] Treasurer [Democrat Robert P. Casey Jr.], who does have the responsibility to determine appropriate uses of state funds, approved of a similar transfer in December 2005.” (emphasis added)
Apparently Bob Casey, not the state legislature, is responsible for crafting the state budget

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