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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Reduce Health Insurance Cost Through Competition

NCPA Analysis of how allowing insurers to offer healthcare coverage across state boundaries would reduce the cost of insurance. Examining only a handful of states, they find a discrepancy of $4,900 annually between the most costly state (NJ, $5,880) and the least costly (KY, $960) for an identical policy.

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Ron Greiner said...

I wouldn't pay too much attention to Dr. Devon. He wrote a "A Brief History of HSAs" and didn't mention America's first company with HSAs/MSAs. This bummed me out because I wrote America's 1st HSA/MSA, as advertised in Pittsburgh on Rush Limbaugh's radio show. Our insurance company is America's oldest and is in 43 states with individual health insurance (Nobody else is even close). I compared a 25-year-old male with exactly the same plan, from the same insurance company, with the same PPO network (PHCS) with an effective date of 07/01/06, and my results were much different than Dr. Devon Herrick's. In Ames, IA, HSA single insurance is $57.29 a month and in Lexington, KY, the cost is $75.60 a month. Exactly opposite of Dr. Herrick's findings. I trust my software before I trust Dr. Herrick. In Butler, PA, the cost is $58.29 for the same 25-year-old male.

It is nice that Dr. Devon Herrick did point out that Blue Cross is a giant monopoly, it's about time. Devon's boss, Dr. John Goodman says he is in partnership with Blue Cross of Texas. Blue Cross gives more to Democratic Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) than any other US Senator. Dr. Devon Herrick told me he was on employer-based health insurance with his employer, the NCPA and his coverage is Blue Cross of Texas. I asked Devon, "So if you become too sick to work you will be put to COBRA for insurance termination, is that not true?" Devon said, "I guess so." That's why I say that Dr. Devon Herrick is who Jimmy Buffett sings about when he says, "Monkeys with PHDs."

Most Americans only have to put up with one Blue Cross company in their state. The poor people of Pennsylvania have 4 Blue Cross companies with lobbyists at their state capitol. They don't compete. They have divided the state into 4 no-competition thief-doms.

Dr. Devon wrote "A Brief History of HSAs," and a better title would be, "A Brief History of TIME." The HSA is not from South Africa, that's just propaganda. In Pennsylvania Wal-Mart is selling COBRA health insurance to their own employees for over $1,200 a month, with non-licensed HR personnel without full and proper disclosure. This is a serious ethics violation. President Bush said, "Become empowered with a Tax Free HSA."

The best tax cut is no taxes and it's TIME for your HSA. America's first HSA enrolled at Save101.com

It's sad when the only one you can trust anymore is the HSA salespeople.

Ron Greiner
Director of Agent Development