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Friday, June 16, 2006

Is there a Speaker in the House?

According to Pete DeCoursey of Capitolwire.com, House Speaker John Perzel said this last night on public television's "Smart Talk":

“When I see that a tattoo artist in the city of Philadelphia makes more than a legislator, I think there’s a problem. I thought the members of the General Assembly were worth one-half of what a member of Congress makes. I believe that. ... I watch my members, day in and day out; I mean, we have roughly 30-some members who can’t apply for a credit card because their credit's so bad."

Subscription required to read the rest here.


Nathan Benefield said...

If this is what Perzel's $5,000/month public relations firm is telling him to say, maybe he should find a better way to waste taxpayer money.

Airborne Eagle said...

Perhaps it can be argued that the tattoo artist contributes more to society. Regardless, if "30 some members" can't get a credit card, I don't think its a matter of income. State Assemblymen make $64,000 plus expenses.