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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

G.O.P. Conservatives Topple Veteran State Lawmakers in Pennsylvania - New York Times

From the New York Times...

"A revolt among Pennsylvania conservatives gained national attention on Wednesday after challengers toppled more than 12 state lawmakers they deemed insufficiently committed to small government and fiscal restraint.

Among those losing their positions in a Republican primary on Tuesday were the two State Senate leaders, Robert C. Jubelirer and David J. Brightbill, who had 56 years of incumbency between them and vastly outspent their upstart rivals.

Facing a tire salesman with little political experience, Mr. Brightbill, the majority leader, outspent his opponent nearly 20 to 1 and still captured just 37 percent of the vote.
"My campaign has always been about making Republicans Republican again," the winner, Mike Folmer of Lebanon, said. "Republicans have controlled the Legislature here since 1995, but the size, the scope and even the ineffectiveness of our government has continued to grow."

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