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Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Politics of Ever-Expanding Government

A quality essay by Steven Malanga on how the recipients of increased government spending support increased government spending. Taxpayers are footing the bill for lobbying by by governments and goverment employees, and public sector workers and their union leaders are living well off the earnings of others.


Anonymous said...

I think that the point that the author of the essay makes cannot be overstated. Given the progression of public sector unions in other states, as well as PA, it will be a hell of a fight trying to reduce the cost of government.

Cory Steiner said...

I'm a parent volunteer from www.stopteacherstrikes.com . This parent run website was put together to help permanently end teacher strikes in Pennsylvania in a fiscally responsible manner. Pennsylvania is among only 9 states that allow teachers to strike.
Every taxpayer in the state is being hurt by teacher strikes because un-elected union officials can threaten and use strike action to make contract demands. Public workers that are paid with tax dollares should not have a right to strike. Firefighters, police and the military do not strike because they, like teachers, are essential personnel.
We have learned that Pennsylvania teachers can be fined or even sued by their union if they refuse to go on strike when called to do so. Many feel that our teachers' civil rights are being abused because most teachers in Pennsylvania are forced into paying dues to the union, even when they are not members. This can be very intimidating. It's no surprise that many teachers are joining our efforts to end strikes since quite a few do not approve of this practice and wish to be set free.
Lastly, the damaging effect of strikes on innocent children can never be justified. Children must never be used as negotiating pawns in contract disputes. We urge all taxpayers and concerned parents to visit the website for more information and to join our grassroots effort to get the law changed. It's as simple as sending one email.

Cory Steiner
Yardley, PA

Cory Steiner said...

Hi. It's me again. I just started my own blog at http://educationpa.blogspot.com . Please come take a look if you get a chance and pass on anything that you'd like for me to post.