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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Minimum logic

A small businessman says, in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, how he'll deal with Rendell's minimum wage increase ... let go employees.

Of course, those pushing this Fascist economic policy want to claim that raising the starting wage by 40% will improve our economy and the situation for low-skilled, low-educated citizens.


Mr. Blue said...

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Airborne Eagle said...

The minimum wage lost it's pull on voters some time ago. I don't see this as a winning proposition. In fact, I'm curious to see how many folks of voting age earn minimum wage. Of those, how many vote. This is not to say they'd be the only ones in favor (or even that they favor it - see below), but it should give an idea of how many potential votes it can move.

The three most common responses in opposition to the minimum wage increases have a way of being more effective than the arguments for it.

There will be job cuts and those left employeed will have to compensate for the lost employee for the additional $1 an hour or so (sometimes not worth the extra dollar).

Those making above minimum do not have their wage increased.

If the minimum wage is such a great idea, raise it to $20 an hour! Why not? When they answer, they'll lead back to the ideas that make it a bad idea from the jump.