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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Court Bans Mention of Intelligent Design

The Dover Schools case has reached a conclusion: Judge bars the school district from mentioning 'intelligent design.'

The lesson to take from this sage is that government run schools cannot provide the education many parents wish for their children. The solution: separation of school and state.

1 comment:

Airborne Eagle said...

I certainly respect a parent wishing to teach Creationism...err, Intelligent Design...to their children. I would even support teaching the theories in a philosophy, religious diversity, or some other course.

However, it's not science. People can shoot holes in evolution and it's fair game because it's held to the "scientific method." ID can't be sustained using the scientific method.

I'd like schools to return to the basics of education. Knock off the courses, such as sex ed and drivers ed, that parents should do and get back to solid math, science, literature curiculum.