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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Who's the Teacher?

If you thought the Eagles bringing in Michael Vick was a bad idea, wait until you hear this - the Philadelphia Public Schools might bring in Tony Danza to teach/star in a reality show about teaching.

I can't believe Gov. Rendell hasn't issued a statement on this ridiculous idea.  I mean, if we are going to pimp out school children for a realty TV show starring an 80's actor, it should be a true Hollywood legend... someone like Steve Guttenberg.


Philadelphia Ealges Picks said...

Philly is in trouble ha. Tony Danza as an english teacher is a terrible idea. Should be funny, but what was A&E Thinking?

Anonymous said...

He wouldn't be any worse than some of the nuns I had in Catholic school. Besifes, he's one of the few people left on earth who can afford to work for so little pay.