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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

High Speed Rail Proposal Just Another Way to Waste Taxpayer Dollars

The Patriot News highlights Pennsylvania's latest request of $28.2 million for high-speed rail projects from the federal stimulus.

Here is our recent commentary by Randal O'Toole on Why Pennsylvania Should Not Build High-Speed Rail


karlub said...

National high-speed rail may be a loser. Although if you're a peak oil enthusiast, it might not be.

The proposed extension of the SEPTA R6 from Norristown to Reading, though, is not.

When conservatives malign such regional rail projects I think they lose sight of the fact that such infrastructure development is not merely a boon-- or subsidy, if you wish-- for the people riding it. It also has real positive repercussions on road infrastructure, associated reductions in commute time for riders and non-riders, and also the additional flow of cheap labor, which assists in both commercial development and employment. The latter especially for lower-paying wage labor.

Anonymous said...

NB. Suggest you try and drive in and around Phila. and the suburbs. Overdevelopment and inadequate infrastructure are a major drain on productivity and make our state less competitive. Transportation infrastucture is something that the private sector does not do. However, judging by the massive failure in Allegheny County to build a short, simple tunnel for a commuter train within budget and on time, I can understand your reluctance.

Nathan Benefield said...

"Transportation infrastructure is something that the private sector does not do."

Perhaps that is because it is illegal (except for freight rail) in Pennsylvania.