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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Auditor General Finds More Waste and Fraud in Pennsylvania Welfare

A new report from Pennsylvania Auditor General Jack Wagner finds that the Special Allowances program in the Department of Public Welfare is "rife with mismanagement and potential for fraud."  The audit found that 45% of the cases examined had insufficient documentation to justify payment.

Applied over the entire program, this would represent tens of millions in wasteful spending/potential savings.

Combined with waste and fraud in Medicaid, LIHEAP, and other programs, it is easy to see why the Auditor General thinks Pennsylvania can balance the state budget without tax hikes.


Anonymous said...

NB. Shocking and infuriating. We had a media circus with Bill Cosby and Ed's phony event. Here is real news and no coverage except for you.

Anonymous said...

But when they completely take over health care all problems will magically disappear!

Anonymous said...

NB. Moronic and dull-witted. Blue dog Dems and the GOP are engaged in a battle about out of control spending with the Gov. This is a prime example and if they had any sense they all would be talking about this audit from now until the budget is fixed.

Anonymous said...

Fraud in the gov wow who would of thought?