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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Will Fumo Conviction Deter Public Corruption?

Alex Charyna mocks Governor Rendell's ridiculous statement that Sen. Vince Fumo (sentenced to 55 months in prison, or about 12 days for each felony conviction), should only spend one year in prison, because that "would have been a sufficient warning to any potentially corrupt politician."

Truly, any observer of Harrisburg, or Philadelphia, or Luzerne County politics must find that laughable.  As Alex notes,

I’m curious though…. have one year sentences in the past deterred any political corruption?

How many Pa politicians were in jail ahead of Senator Fumo?

He’s not the first, and he wont be the last.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

NB. It is not just Ed. See the Patriot today on how great it would be for Fumo to be around to deal with the budget. This is the problem with those who report on politics. The man stole charitable and government money for his own benefit. He was guilty on all counts. Yet, the political class - including the media - misses him. For Ed, it was just part of cheating at the game of politics and too bad that Vince got caught. Ed comes from the sewer of Philadelphia politics but why the media should want to stink I don't know.