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Friday, July 03, 2009

Pennsylvania Budget Proposals - Revised Spreadsheet Now Online

The Rendell administration has released a new version of his Pennsylvania state budget proposal, unfortunately this is only available in a PDF document, and does not include the allocation of ARRA (federal stimulus funds), which makes it difficult to compare with the Senate version, SB 850 (also only available in PDF).

But thanks to the hard work of staff and summer interns, the Commonwealth Foundation has put an Excel version of the Pennsylvania budget online - which includes Rendell's original proposal, the version passed by the Senate, and Rendell's latest iteration.  To the best of my knowledge, this is the only place to get a spreadsheet of the proposed budgets - neither the administration nor the legislative caucuses have provided the info this way - and the only source for Rendell's total spending proposal.

We had to estimate the ARRA appropriations in the Governor's revised budget (the budget office promises to get the actual allocations to us, but not for another week).  Users can download  to see where the money is going - the file allows for collapsing line items by department and has hidden columns that break down ARRA vs. state sources of funds, but users can play around to check all of these.

More resources on the Pennsylvania state budget is available from Sunshine Review.

1 comment:

bobguzzardi said...

Very nice piece of work. Probably more detail than I can comprehend so I will continue to look to Commonwealth Foundation for analysis.

It is enlightening to see the reach of state government with its many,many offices and programs. What do all these people really accomplish and what would happen if they did not show up for work?