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Monday, June 29, 2009

Residents: RomneyCare a Failure

Rasmussen polling finds that only 26% of Massachusetts residents think the health care reform in that state was a "success", compared with 37% calling in a failure.

The Cato Institute previously reported on some of the reasons why RomneyCare had been such a bitter failure. And the Independence Institute has a video showing the dangers of individual mandates in health care, such as we see in Massachusetts.

Unfortunately, many in Harrisburg and Washington see Massachusetts, with its individual mandate, government run "connector" and increased taxpayer subsidies for insurance for the middle class, to be the model for reform.

1 comment:

David said...

Ride on Justin

The fact is that Hospitals do not want to save money and the price of technology goes down with time.

Many imaging centers have gone out of business because of DRA Deficit Reduction Act and now Big Gov wants to roll out more. Why not try to fix the VA Hospitals, Medicare, Social Security before you get involved in another boondoggle.

Obama if you want to reform healthcare why not start with the insurance companies that are sucking the blood out of every industry and not just healthcare. Better yet start with the old lady and have her personally pay back the $320,000.00 she sucked out of the University of Chicago and then have the University pay back the $1,000,000 you gave them to the taxpayers or the other outpatient servcies that Big Hospitals are putting out of business by firing doctors that refer to other better more cost effective outpatient servcies.

We are here to help and have dedicated our lives to reducing healthcare costs. We are here to help. Are you?