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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How Colleges are Cutting Costs

Two recent articles in the New York Times prove universities can cut costs without decreasing the quality of education.

  • Susquehanna University saved almost $3,000 as students participated in a contest to reduce energy consumption. Participating dorms received 25% of the savings.
  • Dickinson College is saving $150,000 by cutting back on free laundry for students and the school held a virtual swim meet saving about $900 in travel costs.
  • And my favorite, Carleton College in Minnesota saved $75,000 by cutting free access to HBO and ESPN in college dorms.
In related news PHEAA's board approved a resolution to cut the number of legislators on the board from 16 to 12. Auditor general Jack Wagner wasn't impressed, his audit called for a 50% reduction or 8 lawmakers.

For more cost cutting suggestions check out our policy brief on higher ed.

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