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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Right-to-Work Works

Mark J. Perry queries, using the ALEC report Rich States, Poor States:

  • "What feature do 15 out of the top 16 states for economic outlook have in common?" (A: They are right-to-work states). 
  • "What feature do the bottom 15 states for economic outlook have in common?" (A: They are compulsory-union states). 
  • "What feature do the top 8 states for domestic migration have in common? What feature do the bottom 10 states have in common?" (A: Right-to-work, compulsory-union, respectively)
The National Right to Work Foundation's blog also takes on the economic impact of compulsory unionism, noting that right-to-work states have not been hit as hard as compulsory union states in the current recession.

Indeed, it is quite clear that right-to-work states have had far faster job, income, and population growth, compared to compulsory-union states like Pennsyvlvania.

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