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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Representatives Propose Putting State Government on a Diet

State Representatives Mike Turzai and Tom Quigley unveiled a plan to cut about $170 million wasteful spending from the Pennsylvania state budget ($130 million relative to Gov. Rendell's proposed budget) by cutting a number of corporate welfare programs. All of these cuts, along with many others, were identified in our report, Government on a Diet: Spending Tips 2009

Turzai-Quigley Cuts (Thousands of Dollars)
Program 2008-09 Enacted 2009-10 Proposed
Opportunity Grant Program $28,000 $18,268
Infrastructure Development $22,500 $20,500
Community Conservation and Employment $44,610 $24,913
Infrastructure and Facilities Improvements Grant $27,000 $35,500
Economic Advancement $17,800 $9,910
Community and Regional Development  $15,900 $12,570
World Trade PA $14,075 $8,986
Total $169,885 $130,647

Turzai and Quigley also propose reducing the state Personal Income Tax from 3.07% to 2.99%. 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Why not suspend paying prevailing (union)wage rates that exceed the Occupational Wages for that county on all state and local construction projects for 3 years. This would stimulate construction during the 3 year cost savings window. It would also save PA almost one billion dollars each year. It would also save the local governments across the state over one billion dollars every year. Wouldn't the taxpayers of PA like to save 2 billion dollars a year without sacrificing any services