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Friday, March 06, 2009

Pennsylvania Voters: Taxing, Spending Too High

A poll conducted by the NFIB shows that Pennsylvania voters think that taxes are too high - no surprise there, except to the Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center, who probably represent the 1% saying taxes are too low - and gives insight into voters attitudes on other fiscal issues.

From the full poll results:

Q8: Tax in Pennsylvania are

  • Too High 62%
  • Too Low 1%
Q9: Spending by State Government
  • Too High: 60%
  • Too Low 5%
Q10: To Balance the Budget
  • Cut Spending Only: 43%
  • Raise Taxes Only: 1%
  • Cut Spending and Raise Taxes: 49%
Q24: 2/3 Majority Requirement for all Tax Increases
  • Should be Required: 75%
Q25: Voter Referendum on all Tax Increases
  • Favor: 75%
Q26: State Spending Limits Tied to Inflation Plus Population
  • Good Idea: 66%

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