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Monday, February 09, 2009

With All Due Respect, Mr. Specter

"The country cannot afford not to take action," Senator Arlen Specter writes in the Washington Post justifying support for the "stimulus" package, mimicking the statement by President Obama "There is no disagreement that we need action by our government."

In a new video, the Cato Institute and economists signing on to their letter opposing the stimulus explain why the stimulus won't improve the economy and why, yes, doing nothing would be better.  I especially enjoy Dan Mitchell's comparison of Obama's stimulus to the policies of George W. Bush toward the end.  Wasn't Obama's campaign slogan "More of the same you can believe in?"


Anonymous said...

Arlen Specter's had the cheese fall off of his cracker years ago. I guess the Republican Party now regrets the decision to endorse Specter over Toomey. Specter is arrogant and simple. In addition I am tired of taking a civil and respectful tone with politicians. They are robbing you, me and our families of our future. Why should we be civil?

Elizabeth A. Male said...

We shouldn't be civil, Anonymous, just as we should never be civil with a common thief.

Recently, I find that I cannot be anything other than direct, unequivocal, and frankly acerbic in my communication with our "benevolent betters." We shouldn't feign respect where there is none. Give them "the benefit of your views" using no uncertain terms.