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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Libertarian ideas to stimulate economy

Jeffrey A. Miron has a list of libertarian proposals to stimulate the economy (I would expect most self-described "conservatives" would agree with 8 of the 9 proposals):

  • Repeal the Corporate Income Tax
  • Increase Carbon Taxes While Lowering Marginal Tax Rates
  • Moderate the Growth of Entitlements
  • Eliminate Wasteful Spending
  • Withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan
  • Limit Union Power
  • Renew the U.S. Commitment to Free Trade
  • Expand Legal Immigration
  • Stop Bailing out Businesses that Took on Too Much Risk

HT: Greg Mankiw

1 comment:

Elizabeth A. Male said...

Increasing the cost of energy by taxing it makes as much sense as increasing the cost of capital by taxing it---idiocy by any other name. Implicit in the suggestion is the assumption that global warming is real and that we must limit the emission of carbon. Nonsense.

Mankiw, and apparently Miron, are seriously misguied.