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Sunday, February 01, 2009

501 added to Pa. payroll since state hiring freeze

AP story on the 501 employees hired since the hiring freeze, including several over $100,000 (former legislator Dan Surra, for whom a new $95,000 position was created, just missed the cut).

  • a director of the Office of Economic Development at the Department of Banking, who will be paid $105,900 a year;
  • a policy manager in Rendell's executive offices, who will make $101,281 a year;
  • a staff psychiatrist, staff physician and another position at the Department of Public Welfare, whose respective annual salaries are $128,529, $102,533 and $105,900;
  • and two officials at the Department of State who will be paid $100,086 and $125,103.
Just file this away for Governor Rendell's Wednesday budget address, when he will say "we have cut state government to the bone."

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