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Friday, January 23, 2009

Royal Bank of Scotland to Sell Electricity in PA

The Tribune-Review reports The Royal Bank of Scotland is awaiting permission from the PUC to sell electricity to commercial and industrial customers across Pennsylvania.

The change would give Pittsburgh area consumers about 20 electric providers to choose from. Sounds like competition is alive and well in the west where rate caps have already expired.


Anonymous said...

This does not mean that it is going to be successful here in PPL land.

With the last dereg we found that it was only saving a minimal ammount and for the hassel that you would get if you did have a power outage it was not going to be worth the switch.

If there is a problem, you are put into VRU la la land to finally hear that is not our problem call your transmission provider and then get reffered back. I was not willing to deal with that for a few dollars of savings.

We need complete deregulation and to allow require them to lease lines on the grid, like the communications industry is required to do.

This increase is going to kill our seniors, that is who I am worried about.

Elizabeth Bryan said...

It's true that the short-term impact of rate cap expiration's will depend on your current utility provider. As you said we need to completely deregulate. We're working on a number of policy recommendations to ensure that competition develops so consumer's will have real alternatives and improved consumer service no matter where they live. In the meantime check out Texas where deregulation has provided more choice and stable rates despite surges in the cost of natural gas.