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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Rendell to layoff workers, keep rewarding allies

Governor Rendell today announced that he projects Pennsylvania's revenue shortfall to reach $2.3 billion, updated from $1.6 billion a month ago and $1.9 billion a week ago, suggesting their may need to be layoffs, and he wants "no whining." John Micek also reports that Rendell expects $900 million from a federal "stimulus" and will "zero-out" WAMs in the next budget.

Matt Brouillette's Capitol Domes post hammers Governor Rendell for his "Do as I say, not as I do" rhetoric, namely creating a new position for his buddy Dan Surra while threatening these layoffs. This follows Rendell's freezing workers pay while shoveling out grants to snowmobile clubs, unveiling a website about a woodchuck in a car accident, and most recently dolling out $12 million in grants for agriculture and tourism and $3.5 million for the "President's House" project.

The Burlington County Times editorializes that there can be "no sacred cows" in the budget, presumably that includes jobs for Rendell's buddies and his pork-barrel projects.


Ed Ploy said...

This really shouldn't be a surprise, it's been standard operating procedure throughout his term for Governor Rendell to claim that rules -- his own, or otherwise -- don't apply to him.

Anonymous said...

Governor Rendell should be the first one to be laid off, He has done nothing good for working class. Is anyone thinking when there are no jobs, how are people going to pay for daily needs, mortgages, education and what happens when crime increases?

Anonymous said...

I am a low senority 60 year old PA state employee who can't retire yet with a good record who had 2 brain tumor surgeries and 4 hospitalizations in late 2007. I have noticible balance and mobility issues as a result of the tumor resection but am otherwise OK. If am laid off by Rendell will all those businesses wishing to hire someone like me during this recession, please form an orderly line to my right as we complete the numerous job interviews. Thank You.

Anonymous said...

I am the 60 yr old state employee. One more thing I forgot to add. Is my former statement considered "whining" ? Sorry.

bobguzzardi said...

Anonymous 60 year old. How does a WAM to a snowmobile club help you? The billion dollars in WAMs, policiticized economic decisions. How do they help you? I don't follow the relevance of your point about being laid off and the policy blog's focus on WAMs and snowmobiles?

And The Bulletin did an article of Gov. Rendell's award of millions in legal fees to lawyerw who probably make in a month what you make in a year? and no complaint about that?

I would say your comments are misdirected.