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Monday, January 05, 2009

Pennsylvania Turnpike Tolls up 25%

Drivers are waking up to higher tolls on the Pennsylvania Turnpike this week - a 25% increase in tolls went into effect Sunday.  Some of the news stories are trying to provide a bit of reaction of drivers; others are editorializing on how truckers and motorist will be harmed by higher tolls.

I am a bit curious to see exactly how drivers will react, and how many were aware of the toll increase.  While we have been writing about the plan to increase tolls since the plan was enacted, the Turnpike Commission has focused attention on the myth that the proposed Turnpike lease, and only the lease, would result in higher tolls.  I suspect many of the facts about Act 44 were drowned out by this barrage of propaganda.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dumbfounded & shocked to pay $3.50 to enter the pike from Ohio and then another $1.25 to exit on Rt 8 Butler interchange totalling $4.75 or just about $1.00 per mile!!!!!! Explain this logic if you can please

Don O