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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Distracted Legislators

Page 13 News makes a mockery of a proposed ban on cell phone use while driving, wondering why we don't ban other "distractions", like food, the radio, or children.  I made the same suggestion regarding banning babies who cry from airplanes, just as they ban cell phone use.

Instead of focusing on "distracted drivers", maybe there needs focus on distracted legislators, who have too much of the nanny state mentality.


Anonymous said...

If you're in the gallery, check out the legislature's laptops. They look at everything from Ebay to DailyKos to ESPN.com.

Maybe we should have their laptops locked to only appropriate material.

bobguzzardi said...

"banning children" goes much too far. I think a law mandating that children not distract. You guys are such extremists. :-)