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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bailout For The 'Inquirer'?

Chris Freind interviews Chuck Ardo, spokesman for Governor Rendell, on the rumors of a bailout for the Philadelphia Inquirer.  (HT GrassrootsPA).  Ardo seems oblivious to the idea that some people don't think government should be bailing out failing business, or that some people fear govenrment control of the media


The entire concept of a democracy depends on an informed public. Newspapers are a critical source of information, so there is a fundamental need for newspapers to continue to provide that information to the public. Now whether that information rises to the level of triggering help from the commonwealth, is something we’ll have to wait for the future to unfold.

And you thought the Inquirer gave Rendell favorable coverage before.

1 comment:

TomM said...

So, once the devil (excuse me -- fast eddy) has purchased or 'bailed out' the news paper, how much ownership for the content does this new owner get?