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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Another $1 million spent to defend lawmakers in "Bonusgate"

As new legislators are coming to Harrisburg to be sworn in, Brad Bumsted reports that the Pennsylvania Senate Republicans have spent $1 million in legal fees (despite the number of lawyers they already employ) to get advice on responding to the Bonusgate investigation.  This now brings the legal fees spent by the PA House and Senate to $4.4 million. 

I hate to state the obvious, but spending millions of taxpayers' dollars to defend the unethical/illegal spending of millions of taxpayers' dollars is one reason we are facing a major budget deficit.

1 comment:

bobguzzardi said...

It would be interesting to know which lawyers and law firms were retained and how much each was paid? and when? These legal fees are starting to be competitive with what the Democrats have paid.

And what public relations and ancillary services are covered in this? $4.4 million ....follow the money. Would this information be available under the new open records law?