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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Turnpike Commission Lobbying Expenses

Here are the Turnpike Commission's 2007-08 lobbyist expense reports with the PA Dept. of State
That comes to $519,000 over 15 months (just at the state level).

Jan - Mar - 2008 - $67,954
Oct - Dec - 2007 - $124,050
Jul - Sep - 2007 - $124,050
Apr - Jun - 2007 -$109,050
Jan - Mar - 2007 - $94,050

Aside from the obvious fact that this represents public toll dollars by one state agency to lobby another (which would be illegal for federal agencies), I would like take this opportunity to point out that I run circles, providing legitimate Turnpike Facts, around Mike Long and company - for about 1/10th the pay.

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