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Friday, May 16, 2008

"Simple math" on turnpike lease

Williamsport SunGazette editorializes that the math should be easy on a Turnpike lease bid: use what the Turnpike Commission will give (i.e. our calculation) and the bid - each with I-80 tolls off the table.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This math is still far from "simple." What is the term of the lease? How much of the lease payment is paid up front and how much is paid year by year? Has there been any discussion whatsoever on the ethics of our running our government, especially the funding of our infrastructure, arguably the most important function of a government, on investment income? What investments are planned and how risky are they? What safeguards will be in place to prevent our going "bust" on the gamble? What prevents our legislature from draining off funds from these investments for other projects?

We now know what the Turnpike Commission "bids" (a cute semantic device, thank you), although no effort has been made to hold their feet to the fire for additional efficiencies. Let us see the details of what consitutes a viable lease bid.

When these figures and issues are placed in front of us, only then will the math become "simple." Until then the pig is well inside the poke.