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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Is the Turnpike Commission stalling on I-80?

Congressman Peterson seems to think so, as the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports, and I have already assumed as much.

For the record, here is the Act 44 timeline:

- First written into legislation (as amendment) - June 26, 2007
- Signed into law - July 18, 2007
- Application submitted to feds - October 13, 2007
- I-80 agreement signed - October 16, 2007
- Application returned by feds - December 12, 2007
- Revised application submitted - TBD

By my math it took 22 days to enact the legislation, 90 days to prepare the application, 57 days for the FHWA to respond, for 169 days total. We are now on day 168 since the federal government requested more information.

Yes, that would be considered stalling.

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