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Friday, May 02, 2008

How much are you getting in Property Tax Relief?

PDE has released the amount each Pennsylvania homeowner and farmstead owner will get in property tax relief in 2008-09 from gambling revenue. (Note: if you own rental property, own commercial property, or are a renter, you get no relief).

Click here for the full list by district. The amount is a flat rate, so regardless of what you currently pay/current home value, you will get the same amount of reduction as everyone in your school district (unless the rebates take you to $0).

For a better way to reduce property taxes, see our proposal for a Property Tax Relief Scholarship Act at SchoolChoiceSaves.org.


Anonymous said...

I rent, but I still pay the property tax. This is calculated into my monthly payment for sure, but I highly doubt I will see any reduction from my landlord. Rendell can keep his gambling, his fake property tax reduction plan, and his health care plan. Either way things are looking up for PA since Rendell only has 2.5 more year. It almost over folks.

Anonymous said...

"Second, the Property Tax Relief Scholarship Act would provide substantially property tax relief extended to homeowners." This on an education finance reform website.

I've really grown quite tired of the pretense that property tax elimination will benefit anyone other than seniors and people on fixed incomes. I'm also tired of seeing gambling revenue, which was to be dedicated to property tax reduction only, going to recreation and transportation bailouts in the urban areas.

Has anyone, throughout this debate, addressed the question of local control of school districts once the state and federal governments finance all education? Should not a Libertarian think tank have this strongly in mind when policy is considered?

I, personally, would rather pay the property tax than any of the alternatives. We should leave property taxes alone and, if there is a problem of school funding equity or overburdening of seniors, address those problems directly and honestly. With gambling revenue only.