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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

"Stupid Hicks" Oppose Big Government

I wasn't going to post anything on Barack Obama's comments about people "clinging" to guns and religion, until Philadelphia Daily News columnist John Baer offered his Obama can do no wrong defense.

Baer contends that:

  1. He (Baer) is a small town guy at heart, because he enjoys the music of John Mellencamp, and wasn't offended by Obama's comments (I won't debate him on that).
  2. Many people are frustrated with government - particularly the pay, benefits, abuses of power, etc (I concur).
  3. People often express their frustration by illogical policy stances (I don't disagree).
  4. Issues like the "defense of marriage amendment", gun rights, abortion, and religious freedom are meaningless.
  5. Anyone who doesn't support Obama's agenda is naive. (Obviously, I take issue with the latter two points.)

Essentially Baer - like Governor Rendell when he declared "Jesus would support my health care plan" - is calling on "small town folk" to stop being Conservative, to support gay marriage, abortion, gun control (though it is Philadelphia Democrats who seem "bitter" and "cling" to guns as an issue), and above all, fixing health care.

Of course, when Baer says "fixing" health care, he means support RendellCare (or Obama/Hillary's plan). He, and others, argue that the debate is between "fixing health care" and not. He pretends the debate over how to fix health care does not exist, or that Rendell/Obamacare might make things.

Though I think those of us "bitter" and frustrated with government have a better plan.

1 comment:

One Angry Taxpayer said...

Well I'm not angry or bitter the "Elite" are smarter, better looking and have more money. I want to congratulate them on their success. However when it comes to raising my children, living my life and keeping my money, I am bitter when someone else imposes government regulation and bureaucracy to tell me how I must do the above.

Note to Ed Rendell; Given the Sermon on the Mount, I expect Jesus was in trouble with unions and government. First he did not apply for the proper permits for a gathering. Second he took work away from the fisherman and bakers unions by multiplying bread and fish. Lastly he also provided guidance but ultimately believed in personal accountability (hence the part where you may end up in hell) and free will. Hate to break it to Ed, I think Jesus was a capitalist and hated the unions and government bureaucracy.