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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Congressional Ratings from National Taxpayers Union

The National Taxpayers Union has released their 2007 Congressional Rankings.

As for the PA Delegation:

Pitts A 87% (“Taxpayers’ Friend”)
Shuster B 74% (“Good”)
Peterson C+ 62% (“Satisfactory”)
English C- 47%
Platts C- 46%
Dent C- 41%
Murphy, T C- 39%
Gerlach C- 35%
Murphy, P F 13% (“Big Spender”)
Altmire F 12%
Carney F 9%
Schwartz F 7%
Sestak F 7%
Holden F 6%
Fattah F 5%
Kanjorski F 5%
Brady F 4%
Murtha F 4%
Doyle F 3%

Specter D 34% (“Poor”)
Casey F 7% (“Big Spender”)

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