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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Federal Stimulus=$300K per job

The Heritage Foundation Foundry Blog sums up the "economic stimulus" package just passed by the US Senate.

OMB Director Jim Nussle (advocating in favor of the stimulus package), noted that their forecasts project 500,000 new jobs in the third quarter of 2008. NH Senator Gregg points out that's $300,000 per job.

GREGG: Well, that works out to $300,000 per job. Divide 500,000 jobs into $150 billion, and you get $300,000 per job.

They’re really good jobs.

GREGG: They must be good jobs. Well, they’re going to pay a lot in taxes. I’ll tell you that much.

1 comment:

softwareNerd said...

If the government can produce wealth out of thin air, they should use the same magic to produce knowledge and wisdom. We could use a stimulus package like this one for education. Let the evasions roll!