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Friday, February 29, 2008

After returning raise, LaGrotta took it back

Another bizarre twist in the payraise debacle was uncovered in the Frank Lagrotta case. Former Rep. LaGrotta was recenlty convicted and sentenced, and more recently face a ruling that he would keep his pension (as his crimes were not among those that, under law, would result in him losing his penions).

Under the 2005 pay raise, the "unvouchered expenses" (since ruled unconstitutional) were considered compensation - boosting the annual pension for anyone retiring having accepted the "unvouchered expenses".

Now the bizarre twist - LaGrotta had begun paying back the unvouchered expenses after the pay raise was repealed, until he lost his 2006 primary. He then asked for, and received, the money he had paid back to the treasury be returned to him.


I decided to stop having the amount of the pay raise deducted from my salary. I also was reimbursed for the months I did pay back.
Note to self--write letter to Governor:

Dear Governor Rendell,

Like Mr. Lagrotta, I too have money withheld from my salary that is sent to the state treasury. I would like to opt out of this. I would also like the money I already paid to be returned to me. What chance do I have of this happening?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Letter from Governor Rendell to Mr. Benefield:

Mr. Benefield,
You are not one of the privileged classes within the kingdom walls. If you were you would not be subject to the same standards we hold the serf's (I mean taxpayers) accountable to. If you would like to be exempt from the laws, I urge you to pay the required amount to your local party (some would call this a bribe) and see what you can do to join us here where anything goes. Past transgressions range from DUI's, embezzlement, and the list goes on. But I digress, to answer your question. Are you kidding???? Send more or I’ll take it!

Love, Ed.

PS – I think our lawmakers deserve a pension in prison so they won’t have to use cigarettes for currency. You know how we feel about smoking, and this could give the appearance of hypocrisy.