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Monday, January 07, 2008

Health Care Advice to Candidates

John Goodman offers a bit of advice on health care policy to presidential candidates.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It is clear that the Governor has promised money to Blue Cross and Blue Shield and possibly other Extremely large health insurance companies by instituting his Cover All Pennsylvanians program.

The very nature of the program will wipe out the smaller health insurance companies. This will be done through community rating, which allows the health insurance carriers that receive the best discounts from the providers of care to out-price their competition. Thereby eliminating what little health insurance competition exists in the market place today. Look at New Jersey, a similar situation exists there. Prices are approaching $700 a month an individual.

In addition the Cover all Pennsylvanians proposal takes tax payor dollars and attempts to put those dollars in Big Health Insurance company pockets. Particularly Blue Cross Blue Shield. This carrier had to bid according to the Rendell proposal. Hmmm... Again eliminating competition in the health insurance marketplace. What smaller insurance company could compete with a carrier that is being subsidized by tax payer dollars from the CHIP program and now through the Rendell proposal...