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Monday, January 14, 2008

Fluid races could make Pa.'s late primary important

Peter Jackson commentary on the potential "influence" of the PA primary in April. While there has been a push to move the primary up in the calendar so that Pennsylvania will have more "influence" in the nomination, it is quite possible (given that no candidate - especially on the GOP side - is likely to wrap up the nomination early) that Pennsylvania could be the deciding factor.

I am of that mind as well - though we'll see how things play out - and think that moving up the primary to weigh in earlier would be like the Supreme Court hearing cases before the lower courts to "have more influence".

I would add that while Jackson notes that there is "not much activity on the ground" here in PA, we are three months away; but there is also not much activity going on in any of the 22 states voting on Feb 5 - all the candidates are currently campaign in Michigan, South Carolina, or Florida (but only in one of the three). Wyoming already had their caucus - and no one campaigned there - and Nevada is also upcoming, with little campaign activity. I imagine that on Feb. 5, only California will get serious attention (NY being conceded to Clinton and Giuliani). In other words, if we want attention from candidates, having a primary by itself a full month after the previous primary might be the best option.

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