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Friday, January 04, 2008

Cost of Calendars

The Chief Clerks offices for both the PA House and Senate have graciously provided the cost of printing those lovely Capitol Calendars. Here is the breakdown:

Calendars Printed: 240,000
Cost of printing: $90,000
Individual member info not provided

Calendars Printed: 56,500
Cost of printing: $41,500
Individual member info: "Each member recieved 1,000 calendars, except Senator Eichelberger who did not receive any and Senator Folmer who recieved only 500."

Neither provided the cost of postage/shipping, but the postage for the calendars we received was $1.65. Some of the 296,500 were kept to give out by hand. If I assumed that 200,000 were mailed, that puts the total cost to taxpayers at $371,500

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

so thats $2.02 and $2.38 per calendar ... seems like a bargain to me